Treatment and prevention of injury and pain

- Optimising performance and health



Injury prevention and rehabilitation based on clinical assessment, goal setting and intervention.


Individual or group classes in yoga, pilates and running techniques.


Courses, workshops and seminars in performers health and ergonomics.

I can help you

Piculell PhysioArts provides a number of services for health and wellbeing. Below is a list of what can be offered.


For your individual physical problem (musculoskeletal pain, muscular soreness, overuse or traumatic injury), physiotherapy will help you to identify the source of the problem, to release pain and to improve/restore function. This is done though physical exercises and consultations regarding ergonomics, technique, posture and load management.

Artist och Musikerhälsan

With a profile in performing arts medicine, Piculell PhysioArts has special expertise to help performing artists such as dancers, musicians, musical theatre or circus artists.

Price: 525 SEK*

Duration: 1h

Klättercentret i Malmö

At Klättercentret in Malmö Piculell PhysioArts offers climbing specific physiotherpy, movement analysis and training advice in a fully equipped climbing gym.

Price: 630 SEK (follow up session 350 SEK)*

Duration: 1h (follow up session 30min)

* "Frikort" is not valid

Fitness and exercise

Essential for developing an appropriate form of exercise is to find something that you enjoy and consider to be meaningful and relevant to your specific needs. At Klättercentret in Malmö, Piculell PhysioArts can provide different training options that are more or less focused on mental aspects and/or physical conditioning. Classes are held as group sessions or individually.

Price: 1500SEK**

Duration: 60-90 minutes, according to agreement

** +250SEK/person if more than 6 participants.


Power yoga

A physical dynamic type of yoga with an emphasis on "vinyasa" (flow). The classes will take you through a series of several positions (asanas) and exercises that focus on strength, body control, flexibility, breathing techniques and mental awareness.

Yin yoga

This is a more gentle and restorative form of yoga where the main focus is deep relaxation, mental practice and physical recovery. The classes will take you through a limited number of positions (asanas), holding each for a longer duration of time - enough to let you become at ease with every exercise.



Though a great number of exercises aimed at the deeper muscles around the spine, shoulders and hips, Pilates training will help you to strengthen and lengthen the body from within as well as enhancing body control and awareness.

Running technique

These classes are held in the greatest gym setting there is - outdoors. Each session will encompass dynamic flexibility, running techniques (“löpskolning”) and different varieties of interval training. The aim of the classes is to help you find a running style that suits your body, needs and individual ambitions, whether these be to discover the joy of running, to get back on track after injury, or to enhance your running performance.

Lectures Workshops and Seminars

Piculell PhysioArts addresses a broad range of audiences, from young dance students to pre-professional musicians or "regular" office workers. A better understanding of anatomy, body-mind interaction and healthy training/working environment may be provided. Write me a message and explain your specific needs and we can design a custom-made seminar together.

Price: 1195SEK/h (ex. moms)

Duration: according to agreement

Bookings and cancellation

Appointments can be arranged by e-mail or phone. If you need to cancel for any reason,
you must do so
at least 24 hours before  the booking, otherwise you will  still be charged.


The word PhysioArts stands for many things.  It is not only about physiotherapy specialised on artists, it is also about the art of physiotherapy. For me this means combining manual skills, theoretical knowledge, creativity and people skills with the goal of addressing the whole person.

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