Susanna Piculell

Leg. Fysioterapeut, MSc Peforming Arts Medicine, Cert. Masseur & Yoga/Pilates/Running instructor

Physiotherapist based in Malmö, Sweden. Specialised in sports, dance and musician's health

Photographer: Olof Ringmar www.olofringmar.com

Piculell PhysioArts is the name of my practice as a performing arts medicine specialized physiotherapist, lecturer and group training instructor. I am a registered physiotherapist and a certified instructor of yoga, pilates and running technique.

My short bio is as follows. When I was a child I used to sing, act and dance whenever I got the opportunity and I dreamt about becoming a musical theatre artist. The interest in music and dance has kept its hold on me ever since: from childhood till now I have played the violin, electric bass, piano, guitar, sung and danced a variety of styles. In high school (Spyken, Lund) I chose an arts programme with a music profile. After graduating, I thought a lot about where to put my main focus. Should I dance? Should I play? Should I start an academic career? Or should I go for health and physical fitness? I also noticed that I had become quite fascinated by all forms of physical exercise, performance and health. Finally I realized that it was possible to combine all my interests by becoming a physiotherapist with a special niche for problems related to sports and performing arts.

I graduated from Lund University as a physiotherapist in 2011. After my graduation I spent one year of full-time dance training at Lunnevads Folkhögskola (mixed styles: ballet, contemporary, jazz and commercial street) in Linköping. I then started my own private practice as a physiotherapist, masseuse and yoga/group training instructor. Since this point in time (2012) I am also privileged to be the “team physio” for the Sweden women’s national volleyball team. From Linköping I moved to London in 2014 where I did a one-year masters programme in Performing Arts Medicine at University College London. Now I am back in Skåne: I live in Malmö and enjoy a working life at several different venues, both as a physiotherapist and instructor.


  • Artist ooh Musikerhälsan, Malmö

Pilates, Yoga and Running instructor:



The word PhysioArts stands for many things.  It is not only about physiotherapy specialised on artists, it is also about the art of physiotherapy. For me this means combining manual skills, theoretical knowledge, creativity and people skills with the goal of addressing the whole person.

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